mandag 18. juli 2011

Windows To The Soul

It is said that they eyes are the windows to your soul. 
What will you see in mine?

I've been told that I've the eyes of a dreamer
Some have told me they seem to be sad
Men have said they're the eyes of a lover
('Bedroom eyes' were once all the fad)
My eyes have seen much in a lifetime
As a child I 'saw' all I could be
Received in part through my senses
an image that was given of me
At times these eyes have shed tears
at times they've twinkled with mirth
These are eyes that reflect all my dreams
but at times have questioned my worth
Still they look at the sky filled with wonder
stars reflect in the depths of my soul
Bright spots in an ocean of darkness
That speak of a vision and goal

Oh Lord, let my eyes show kindness
may forgiveness keep them clear
May tears cleanse any bitterness
and dissolve any remnants of fear
May these eyes speak to others of love
A gentle heart that's not arid or dry
May they never be the eyes of a cynic
for the truth is our eyes cannot lie.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
may my eyes always seek for the good
To look beyond all that I see
to see instead what I should.

Do you see in my eyes a reflection
of the child filled with naivete and trust
or do you see in them a temptress
filled with evil intentions and lust?
I'd put it to you, if you'll listen
that all that you see in my eyes
Is based upon your own perceptions
Now tell me if they have been lies?

Chanti 2005